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“We partnered with ITSportsNet. We are very happy with our decision, and would recommend working with them to any provincial or state organization.”

Brian Avey
Executive Director
Ontario Soccer Association

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Goals/Measures of Success

Non Measurable Goals

  • Make programs affordable and attractive for families to join.
  • Provide more convenience for parents (no line ups, register anytime)
  • Provide programs for all skill levels
  • Less volunteer requirements (for help with registration events)
  • Eliminate cash handled: Eliminate risk of theft/fraud
  • Eliminate NSF cheques and administrative burden of dealing with them (bookkeeping, chasing funds)
  • Reduce debit/credit machine bottleneck at registration events

Measurable Goals

  • Register 4,500 players for Outdoor 2006 season
  • 75% of total registrations accepted by February 28, 2006 (3375 players)
  • Track 100% of payment and registration information through ITSportsNet
  • Accept 50% of registrations online (2,250 players)
  • All registration information entered into ITSportsNet by March 18, 2006
  • All teams assigned in ITSportsNet by March 31, 2006
  • Gather emails for over 80% of members for streamlined communication

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