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“Everyone in our league is very impressed with ITSportsNet. The players think it’s great because they can register online and always have current schedules and standings. The scorekeepers think it’s great because they can print off rosters before the game.”

Stan Grabow
Secretary Treasurer
Calgary Senior Men’s Basketball Association

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Methods of Collecting Registrations

Typically, collecting registrations has happened in either a mail-in or on-site fashion. Today, the third most common option is introducing online registration convenience as well. Collecting 100% of your online registrations online is possible, but usually a combination of online and on site is best to ensure you are catering to those members who may not have internet access or are not comfortable with the process.

ITSportsNet can work with you to build a registration to suit your needs. With staff, knowledgable in the way of best practices for registration, we provide you with information and tools to host a successful registration this season.

Our customers are provided with a resource site containing the following:

  • Planning, Promotion and Processing for Registration
  • Planning your On-Site Registration
  • Important Duties of the Registrar
  • How to Prepare for Registration
  • Building an Online Registration that Works For You
  • Posting Policies, Which Ones you Need and Why
  • What to Be Aware of When Accepting Credit Cards

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