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“ITSportsNet has enabled our staff to maintain an up-to-date website, even though the staff does not have any training in website design and maintenance. As a result, the number of phone calls received by the office has been reduced by more than 80%.”

Pearl Doupe
Executive Director
Calgary United Soccer Association

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Payment Policies

ITSportsNet's online registration system, gives you the opportunity to display all of your policies. Clearly stating your policies surrounding the collection of fees will save time with inquiries from parents and will eliminate objections regarding the structure of fees, collection of, and returning of funds. Your organization is responsible for consideration of the items below.

ITSportsNet customers have access to resources and examples to help them build their own policies, as well as a secure place to store them for use on their website and during registration.

Refund Policy

A refund policy explains how much money a person will get returned to them under specific circumstances such as injury, unhappiness with the program, change of mind, and other special considerations.

NSF Cheque/Check Policy

Whenever cheque payment is an option, you are taking a risk of some cheques being "BAD!" Reduce the risk of a dispute regarding covering the charge with a policy.

Family Discounts

Larger families can use the help of a family discount so all of their children can participate. A simple family discount can be incorporated into the online registration system.

Payment Plans

Some sports are very costly and need to have their fees paid in installments. Create the payment schedule clearly with amounts, dates and instructions to be posted during the registration process.

Subsidy Programs

Subsidy programs for disadvantaged families in your area may be available to refer your members to if need be. ITSportsNet's registration system lets you indicate a members' method of payment for reporting and accounting purposes.

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