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“I just wanted to say that the [ITSportsNet] web site for minor hockey is the best it has ever been! A volunteer somewhere is doing one heck of a good job, and I am sure he/she has received lots of good comments, but I figure one more won’t hurt.”

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Age Group/Category/Division/Program

Whatever you call it, a program can be defined as a specific grouping of players who will participate together for a season. The age, gender, and competition level groupings are generally handed down by a governing body, and a club chooses to offer to a subset of those options. Do an evaluation, or needs assessment to be sure you are offering the right programs for the people in your area.

ITSportsNet builds your system to include the official age groups that you need making managing player registrations easier than ever. As each year passes, the system will recognize that a player should move up into the next age category, making it easy to do registrations and build teams year after year. The customer help website contains useful information on conducting a needs assessment of your own.

Our system is built with a thorough understanding of the differences between recreational and competitive, taking into account the need to have try-out registration, collect specific notes on players, easily move players from team to team, and have the ability to produce official rosters.

Example Recreational vs. Competitive

Recreational-A developmental program providing healthy activity, emphasizing enjoyment and development over competition.

Competitive-Select teams with try-outs and programs for the more committed player or family, usually more games and practices.

Using Category Caps

If there is only room for a set amount of players in a certain group, then ITSportsNet can cap the number that you want each age group to be closed off at during registration. Note that: waitlists are not automatically produced by the system and when using caps, it may mean watching registrations more closely.

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