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“We partnered with ITSportsNet. We are very happy with our decision, and would recommend working with them to any provincial or state organization.”

Brian Avey
Executive Director
Ontario Soccer Association

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Roles and Responsibilities for Volunteers

Successfully running your club will require the help of volunteers. A club’s job is to recruit, train, direct and maintain the help of these people. Explain the duties and expectations of each role prior to asking them to volunteer. This makes them comfortable with the job they are taking on, and makes their commitment level much higher. Knowing that the best time and place to recruit is during the registration event or in the online process, then having the right message for them about what their job description would be, and the time committment they can expect, will encourage them to select a role consistant with their available time and skill set.

With ITSportsNet, recruiting and tracking your volunteers is easy because you can ask them to choose a role they are interested in during the online registration process as well as which age group of players they would like to be involved with. Volunteer role reports give you an accurate picture of how many volunteers you have and what role they have chosen. Use this report to discover where you'll be short, and what you need to do to fill those gaps.

Our customers have access to volunteer job descriptions for the roles below:

  • President
  • General Board Member Duties
  • Treasurer
  • Registrar
  • Age Group Coordinator
  • And More...

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