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“ITSportsNet has enabled our staff to maintain an up-to-date website, even though the staff does not have any training in website design and maintenance. As a result, the number of phone calls received by the office has been reduced by more than 80%.”

Pearl Doupe
Executive Director
Calgary United Soccer Association

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Team Building

The next step after registration is tryouts and team building. When it comes time to build teams, enlisting the help of Age Group or Division Coordinators will be helpful to distribute the workload.

Tryouts and evaluations are held in advance to putting teams together and will help determine within which program each player will play in. The tryouts help you decide which players will play on the competitive teams and you will need to consider rules such as minimum and maximum number of players allowed on a roster, coach certification, and additional fees, however, it is your recreational teams that will require consideration of additional factors.

If your club uses ITSportsNet online registration, it is easy to collect data such as the school they attend, or special requests from members. Information collected is stored in a database during registration and can be extracted and sorted to suit your needs. ITSportsNet also features limited administrative access that you can assign to people, giving them access to data from just one age group during team building time to help distribute the workload and save time.

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