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“I have heard nothing but praise from our members as to the wonderful job we are doing with the stats. I credit all this praise to ITSportsNet.”

Glenda Carr
Office Manager
Calgary Women’s Soccer Association

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Waivers and Other Legal Requirements

As a board member, you have responsibilities toward the protection of your club, the members participating within it, and to the fairplay rules set forth by the governing body. Address each item below to ensure that all areas are covered with a process in place.

ITSportsNet can help you collect and store these requirements. We provide the tools to display the information in the appropriate places, and have many examples to help you build these requirements to make sure you're covered. With your waiver securely stored, you won't need to re-build, or re-submit it from year to year.


Waivers, or release of liability, and assumption of risk forms are a vital part of safely and effectively managing your club. Have one drafted for you by a professional, or use ITSportsNet examples to create your own. In the ITSportsNet online registration area, you can post you own waiver and make it mandatory that a person accept the terms before continuing with the registration.

Parent and Player Code of Conduct

Setting out guidelines for members to adhere to when at the playing venue and while in play adds a sense of organization and a certain amount of accountability then falls onto the member.

Proof of Age

Asking your members for proof of age in the form of a government issued piece of identification, is common practice to ensure that players are playing within the proper age groups and in order to abide by the rules set forth by the governing body. Because your ITSportsNet system is built using information from your governing body, it's easy to ensure players are registered to their official age category.

Special Requests During Registration

Accommodating the requests of members can be a big job, but keeping your members happy can lead to a more enjoyable experience with your club. Collect special requests during registration to assist with team building and matching team officials with players.

Background Checks

A policy with certain guidelines to protect children by investigating the background of volunteers who will be coaching children involved in athletic programs.

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