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“I just wanted to say that the [ITSportsNet] web site for minor hockey is the best it has ever been! A volunteer somewhere is doing one heck of a good job, and I am sure he/she has received lots of good comments, but I figure one more won’t hurt.”

Hockey Parent

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Player Registration with ITRegistrar

ITRegistrar is a complete registration application for recreational sport. Registration is now fast and easy. Hundreds of sports clubs and leagues are currently using ITRegistrar for 100% of their registrations.

ITRegistrar Features

  • Complete member database: players, coaches, volunteers, sponsors
  • Team building
  • Membership & team reports
  • Export information to Excel
  • Automated email manager

Reduce Registration Time by 50%

Streamline registration: Coordinate all online and traditional registrations through a single, simple registration application.

Multiple Administrators/Multiple Locations: Because ITSportsNet is 100% Internet based, administators can work and view reports from any computer with an Internet connection.

Share the Workload

Multiple administrators can be set up within organizations to manage different categories and age groups.

Spread the Workload

ITSportsNet allows league administrators to securely push administrative activities down to the lowest level. Parents can register their children online, taking care of all the data entry, program selection, and payment. All the administrator has to do is place the registered players on teams.

Increase the Number of Volunteers

ITRegistrar captures all of your volunteer information. Most organizations require that parents select a volunteer role in order to register a child. Wouldn't it be nice to have too many volunteers?

Volunteer Management

ITRegistrar not only collects volunteer information as part of the participant registration process, it also organizes it into the database so that you can find volunteers at the click of a button.

ITRegistrar Information Sheet (PDF)

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