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“The [ITSportsNet] web-based database allows work distribution amongst the designated people. The Online Registration cuts down the registration time and collection of funds. We can recommend ITSportsNet as a leader in league and club management.”

Bob Luft
London-St. Thomas Futsal League

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ITWebmaster - Website Content Management

ITWebmaster is a complete website content management solution. It provides organizations that have little or no “webskills” to easily develop and maintain a professional website.

Easy to Use

Using ITWebmaster, administrators with minimal computer experience can create fully formatted webpages (no HTML). The user-friendly interface is used to create menu items, new web pages, display graphics/photos, and post documents.

Volunteer Webmasters

Administrators with any level of computer skills maintain and update their websites, reducing the reliance on a single volunteer webmaster. It also enables the webmaster to pass on his or her duties to the next volunteer.

Multiple Administrators/Multiple Locations

Because ITSportsNet is 100% Internet based, administrators can make updates from any computer with an Internet connection.

ITWebmaster Information Sheet (PDF)

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