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“ITRegistrar has helped us immensely. It has been so easy to use and has saved us time so much time. It has cut back on so much paperwork and greatly improved our operations. I wish ITSportsNet had been around years ago!”

Lana McCann
Seven Clubs Minor Hockey Association

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ITWebmaster - Website Content Management

ITWebmaster is a complete website content management solution. It provides organizations that have little or no “webskills” to easily develop and maintain a professional website.

Easy to Use

Using ITWebmaster, administrators with minimal computer experience can create fully formatted webpages (no HTML). The user-friendly interface is used to create menu items, new web pages, display graphics/photos, and post documents.

Volunteer Webmasters

Administrators with any level of computer skills maintain and update their websites, reducing the reliance on a single volunteer webmaster. It also enables the webmaster to pass on his or her duties to the next volunteer.

Multiple Administrators/Multiple Locations

Because ITSportsNet is 100% Internet based, administrators can make updates from any computer with an Internet connection.

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