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“We partnered with ITSportsNet. We are very happy with our decision, and would recommend working with them to any provincial or state organization.”

Brian Avey
Executive Director
Ontario Soccer Association

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ITSportsNet Help and Support Center

Welcome to the ITSportsNet Support Center. In this section you will find ITSportsNet's Support Service Levels and information on how to get your support issues resolved as quickly as possible. Our goal is to answer Help cases within 24 hours. Cases can be entered and solutions can be searched for 24/7, and customer support representatives will be working on cases and providing answers from 9:00-5:00 MST and 9:00-5:00 EST.

Searching for a Solution

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The first step for getting help is to search the Self-Service Help area for a solution, where you'll find many quick answers. Click on the link and enter the keywords of your problem. Click the submit button to see a generated list of solutions containing your key words and select the most fitting description.

Opening a Case

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If your solution search is unsuccessful, submitting a case through the Self-Service Portal is the next step. Your case enters into a queue so a support representative can research the issue to find an answer. Entering a case is the fastest, most effective way to let us know that you need help. We record all cases for tracking purposes and they are evaluated to determine their urgency.

The Log a Case process records your information in a case format with a system generated reference number. You must provide as many details as possible to help us resolve the issue, including your contact information and daytime phone number.

If you need to make an email enquiry about your case then you need to have your case number in the subject line of your email, or if you are calling ITSportsNet Support, have your Customer ID and Case Number ready to share with the support person.

Customer ID Number

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All of your organization's information is tied to a numeric designation in our system called a Customer ID, which you should be prepared to indicate when communicating with us. To find this number, sign in as an administrator at In the control panel, your Customer ID shows at the top of the page in the title line - for example - Oakbank Minor Soccer (ID# 2000).

Case Types and How We Handle Them

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There are two tiers of case support. Tier One Cases should be answered within 24 hours, and Tier Two Cases can take longer, depending on the requirements needed to resolve the issue.

  • Cases are dealt with on a first come first served basis.
  • By priority and urgency, (High, medium and low, which relates to whether you can continue with your work without it being resolved).
  • Emergency items can over-ride the above (discretion of Customer Support).
  • A higher priority may be given to a district or governing body issue that would have an effect on many organizations.

Other Features of the Self-Service Support Area

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When you sign into and click on the Self-Server Support link with your username and password for this area, you'll have the following options:

  • Home - Where the top solutions are listed.
  • Find Solution - Where you can type in Key words and search for solutions.
  • Log a Case - Where you can ask for assistance or let us know about a problem or bug.
  • View Cases - View your current cases to check it's status.
  • Log Out - Log yourself out and close the window.

If you are in need of a Self-Service username and password, please contact ITSportsNet. By following the process above, you'll help us, help you resulting in a great experience for everyone.

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