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“In addition to the obvious advantages of keeping all league files organized in one database, having it appear for our membership on our web page is very convenient.”

Chris Bogdan
Lethbridge Soccer Association

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ITSportsNet Training and Resource Center


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Welcome to the ITSportsNet Training and Resource Center. In this section you will find ITSportsNet's options for getting your administrators trained. We know that associations like yours are largely made up of volunteers, so we have designed a number of different options to suit the needs of your group, making it easy and accessable to get your volunteers trained from season to season. Below are descriptions of the training options we offer, and how you can sign up to get trained.

On Demand Webinars

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We offer free online training for your convenience. Classes are be offered on an ongoing basis and are a really great training tool for new customers or administrators, and for existing administrators just looking for a quick refresher course. These sessions last between 20 and 30 minutes, all you need is a computer with an internet connection. To access these On Demand Webinars please login in to your Admin site and click on the Support tab in the Control Panel.

Over the Phone

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When you sign up as a new customer with ITSportsNet, you are offered training and it is up to you to schedule a time with your support representative. If you are unable to attend a webinar, a support representative can schedule a time to take you through the program. Contact if you are interested in a session.

Group On-Site Training

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Sometimes it is possible for ITSportsNet to come to you. If there are a large group of administrators in one area that require training on the same topic, then we've been known to host a session and inform groups in the area of dates and times. If you want to request that ITSportsNet host a session for your group, there is a cost involved with on-site training days made specifically for you. Contact for more information on the cost involved. You can also purchase a session of on-site training for your group when you sign up with your initial contact and your sales representative can help you decide if this type of training is right for you.

Resource Materials

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Below are some training guides that provide you with step by step instructions to using our basic tools. These guides can give you a quick overview of using the basic functions of the services.

We also like to help our customers get organized for the upcoming season, especially for registration. Visit Getting Organized to view this set of information.

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