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“ITSportsNet has provided us with a platform that allows us to serve our members: fast, efficient and interactive. The web allows us to share the workload with our volunteer administrators, which greatly reduces the workload in our office.”

Beth Long
Head Administrator
Minor Hockey Association of Calgary

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About Us

Helping Customers Build Winning Organizations

ITSportsNet is a recognized leader in registration, league management, website, and communication solutions for sport organizations. This recognition comes from ITSportsNet’s long-term focus on serving the sports market and our strength in the development of web-based databases, websites, and Java administration software. Our success is built on decreasing sport administration time and greatly enhancing the level of service delivered to participants.

ITSportsNet is the first fully hosted and integrated product that brings benefits to stakeholders at all levels of sport. Since 2000, ITSportsNet has been working at all levels of sport to develop technologies that streamline their existing processes. Today, ITSportsNet is delivering fully integrated, turnkey solutions to organizations of all sizes and levels, consistently reducing administration time by 50%. Organizations require only a computer and an internet connection to implement a solution that is customized to their needs. ITSportsNet provides the rest: software, websites, server management, hosting, security, and support.

ITSportsNet Philosophy

ITSportsNet takes a partnership approach to its relationship with customers. Sport organizations highly value the benefit of having a partner that develops, manages and supports all of their sport-specific software, hardware and hosting needs. ITSportsNet works hard to ensure that both the technology and business details of their agreements create long-term, sustainable relationships that achieve the goals of the customer.

ITSportsNet Core Values

  • Affordable to organizations of all sizes
  • Easy to implement
  • Easy to use
  • Benefits to all stakeholders: players, coaches, administrators, referees, governing bodies, sponsors
  • Best-in-class products
  • Turnkey solutions

ITSportsNet Delivers

  • Complete & cost effective solutions customized to customers’ needs
  • Faster communication: information is collected and communicated via the Internet
  • Administrative convenience: multiple administrators can work from multiple locations
  • Administrative efficiencies: reduce administrative time by 50%
  • Marketing opportunities: a vehicle to raise new sponsorship dollars
  • Full-time customer support: toll free or email

How It Works

ITSportsNet is providing your organization with a complete set of products and services. This includes software, custom website, server management, hosting, security, and support. There is no need to have any special computer skills to be able to administer any aspect of ITSportsNet. Your only requirements are a computer and Internet access.

ITSportsNet takes care of all the setup and implementation challenges which makes it easy for organizations to make the change quickly and seamlessly.

Getting Started

Upon signing an agreement with ITSportsNet, we will assign an ITSportsNet customer care representative to your account. That person will work with you through all of your training and setup requirements, as well as any ongoing support. The setup requirements generally include:

  • Administrator setup - including different roles/access levels
  • Domain name registration/setup
  • Email setup
  • Website colours and banner graphics setup
  • Player data import
  • Training

For both ITRegistrar and ITLeagueManager, an application must be downloaded. ITWebmaster is completely web based, requiring no download.

ITSportsNet Background

In August of 2001, ITSportsNet launched its first commercial product: a suite of sport administration software products and services targeted at the amateur and recreation sports market. ITSportsNet’s mission is to become the dominant technology supplier to the North American amateur and recreation sport industry.

Since the initial launch, hundreds organizations have signed on with ITSportsNet. As of December 2003, ITSportsNet had over 1,500 users of its registration solution, over 50% of the Canadian soccer market, and significant contracts in the United States.

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