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Darien Dynamo Soccer Club

We are very happy with the ITWebmaster Services, and would highly recommend the package to any club that wishes to efficiently communicate with their teams, and create a professional identity to attract new club players with the website.

Dick McCarthy
Darien Dynamo Soccer Club Webmaster
Member of Board of Directors
Darien, Illinois


Whyte Ridge Youth Soccer

"Every organization should have your's great!"

Bill Marr, Soccer Director
Whyte Ridge Youth Soccer (700 players)


Brampton Youth Hockey

"We would gladly serve as a reference, the system is great, saving us approximately $2000 per month in administration costs."

Dave Lord, General Manager
Brampton Youth Hockey (4,000 players)


Ontario Minor Hockey Association

"We are extremely confident that ITSportsNet is the best choice for our organization."

Richard Ropchan
Executive Director
Ontario Minor Hockey Association


Calgary Minor Soccer Association

"We have been using ITSportsNet for years now and it has made our workload much lighter and has allowed us to communicate with our memberships in a more timely fashion. The staff at ITSportsNet are quite helpful and are open to new ideas and modifications solutions to help the overall product usefulness and to make our operations run much better through their product. I am an avid supporter of the system as I find it simple to use and has saved us time and money and would recommend it to any league organization."

Scott Mabee
Programs/League Director
Calgary Minor Soccer Association


Lakeland District Soccer Association
"Communication is one of our priorities and with ITSportsNet's ability, we have gotten better.

We, Lakeland District Soccer Association, would like to emphasize to all ITSportsNet users that you, ITSportsNet, have enabled us to enhance a better communication link to all our soccer communities within our huge district for many reasons:

  1. First, starting our website, we thought was going to be a bit hairy but was so simple that we were ready for the switch to ITSportsNet before ITSportsNet was ready for us. Wow, it was the ease of the support and the education that you and your staff provided.
  2. Secondly, ITSportsNet shows that they do care about the services in which they provide to us. Contacting them with a question or problem and within a short time we have an answer. Also, they send useful hints to enable us to get a user friendly website for our soccer colleagues.
  3. Thirdly, they provide services that we do not utilize but they do not hound us to buy those programs. Not shabby service when ITSportsNet allows us grow at our pace of website education.
  4. Fourthly, our communities love the ease of surfing through our website to find information they require. Our one stop shop is what we, the LDSA Board of Directors, like to view our website as.
Excellent service and support!! Thanks!"

Yours in soccer,

Vance Whynot
LDSA 1st Vice-President


Cochrane Minor Soccer

"Without ITSportsNet, I don't know how I would have survived my first year as Outdoor Coordinator. It made my job so much easier. The best part was being able to locate players and see their history with our club. I couldn't tell you how much time ITSportsNet saved us!"

Robin Bailey
Cochrane Minor Soccer


The Ontario Soccer Association

“Back in 2001, our association indicated that it recognized the need to upgrade it’s information technology system to an internet based system and provide a much improved level of service to clubs to ensure that club administrators’ time was minimized. Our existing system was regarded as cumbersome and limited in its ability to cope with change.

The OSA entertained proposals from a number of companies last year, including one of Canada’s largest vendors who handled the upgrades of the OSA’s existing system. It was essential that The OSA partnered with someone who knew the industry as well as the sport and could provide a financial plan that worked for our membership. During this search, we met with ITSportsNet. They had developed a product that was very close to what we wanted, they had an understanding of the needs of both the clubs and the province, they were able to deliver it in a cost effective manner, and they demonstrated a level of customer service that our organization desired.

Based on these criteria, we (the OSA) partnered with ITSportsNet. As part of our agreement, they will upgrade the system annually based on the marketplace’s needs. As far as the business-side of things, the OSA is paying for the complete system on behalf of the clubs.

We are very happy with our decision, and would recommend working with them to any provincial or state organization.”

Brian Avey, Executive Director
Ontario Soccer Association


Minor Hockey Association of Calgary

“ITSportsNet has provided us with a platform that allows us to serve our members: fast, efficient and interactive. The web allows us to share the workload with our volunteer administrators, which greatly reduces the workload in our office.”

Beth Long, Head Administrator
Minor Hockey Association of Calgary


Seven Clubs Minor Hockey Association

“ITRegistrar has helped us immensely. It has been so easy to use and has saved us so much time. It has not only cut back on so much paper work but greatly improved our operations. I wish ITSportsNet had been around years ago!”

Lana McCann, Administrator
Seven Clubs Minor Hockey Association


Ontario Futsal Association

“The London St. Thomas Futsal League has used the ITSportsNet for the last three years. It is an excellent tool to inform the members and general public about league schedules, game results, standings and statistics.

The web-based database allows work distribution amongst the designated people. The online registration cuts down the registration time and collection of funds.

We can recommend ITSportsNet as a leader in league and club management.”

Bob Luft, President
Ontario Futsal Association


Edmonton Interdistrict Youth Soccer Association

“We have been more than pleased with the ITSportsNet solution to date. We are bringing all our clubs to ITSportsNet so our members may have an on-line registration system, which in turn talks directly with our registration database. We are further exploring the idea of having all the member clubs web pages as an extension of EIYSA's web page, through ITSportsNet. This would allow a seamless flow to information, etc. of both EIYSA & it’s members.

I believe that any sport organization that joins up with ITSportsNet will be most satisfied - plus they will save many hours of administrative workflow.”

Barrie White, Executive Director
Edmonton Interdistrict Youth Soccer Association


Calgary Womens Soccer Association

“ITSportsNet is very easy to use program allowing for the tracking of players, statistics etc. The Volunteer Board Member helping to maintain the website is no longer needed.

Support available is fast and suggestions acted upon in a very timely fashion. ITSportsNet staff goes above and beyond the call of duty when a request is made of them.

The main difference is the time we have saved in the office, thus allowing the staff time to take care of other duties we otherwise had no time for. With ITSportsNet, all CWSA members have easy and instant access to their teams and all other teams results and stats and all other league information. The only time we receive calls now is if the office staff made an error in entering the score. Great time saver to the office.

I have heard nothing but praise from our members as to the wonderful job we are doing with the stats. I credit all this praise to ITSportsNet.”

Glenda Carr, Office Manager
Calgary Women’s Soccer Association


Calgary United Soccer Association

“ITSportsNet has enabled CUSA staff to maintain an up-to-date website, even though the staff does not have any training in website design and maintenance. As a result, the number of phone calls received by the office has been reduced by more than 80%. The league website and email have become the primary forms of communication. Player discipline tracking in ITSportsNet makes communication and control of suspensions and fines much easier. By switching to ITSportsNet, a 50% increase in efficiency was gained.

With ITSportsNet as their technology partner, CUSA is looking to the future, using the limited resources we have to deliver a higher level of service to players, to look for more sponsorship dollars, to attract additional government funding for facility development, and to increase league membership.”

Pearl Doupe, Executive Director
Calgary United Soccer Association


Red Deer Volleyball

“Use of ITSportsNet has elevated my league administration activities to new heights. I have found the ITSportsNet to be invaluable in the complete package it has provided to our league, and a significant decrease in my time required. I have been able to communicate to the league, and provide a more effective platform than my previous website with only 20% of the workload. ITSportsNet administration support has been excellent in meeting my individual needs in an efficient manner and very affordable cost.”

Ryan Manason, Administrator
Red Deer Volleyball League


Lethbridge Soccer Association

“With ITSportsNet LSA was able to consilidate their data in one product. In addition to the obvious advantages of keeping all league files organized in one database, having it appear for our membership on our web page is very convenient.”

Chris Bogdan, Administrator
Lethbridge Soccer Association


Calgary Senior Mens Basketball Association

“Everyone in our league is very impressed with ITSportsNet. The players think it’s great because they can register online and always have current schedules and standings. The scorekeepers think it’s great because they can print off rosters before the game.”

Stan Grabow, Secretary-Treasurer
Calgary Senior Men’s Basketball Association


Red Deer Minor Hockey Association

“ITRegistrar and online registration have definitely reduced our registration workload. Parents have given us postive feedback and the support from ITSportsNet has been great. I would definitely recommend ITSportsNet to other hockey organizations.”

Pat Mazerolle, Administrator
Red Deer Minor Hockey Association


A Parent's Perspective

“I just wanted to say that the web site for minor hockey is the best it has ever been! A volunteer somewhere is doing one heck of a good job, and I am sure he/she has received lots of good comments, but I figure one more won’t hurt. It is an amazingly excellent site, better than any commercial sites that I have seen. Congratulations on an excellent job.”

Calgary Minor Hockey Association


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