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“I just wanted to say that the [ITSportsNet] web site for minor hockey is the best it has ever been! A volunteer somewhere is doing one heck of a good job, and I am sure he/she has received lots of good comments, but I figure one more won’t hurt.”

Hockey Parent

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ITSportsNet for Governing Bodies

Governing bodies have the unique challenge of providing technical, marketing, and administrative services for their membership.

ITSportsNet Governing Body Edition is a complete enterprise-level registration and communication system for state, provincial, and/or national sport organizations. “Enterprise-level” means that ITSportsNet serves the needs of all levels of organizations, including clubs, leagues, districts, and the governing body itself. Each organization can act independently while working within a fully integrated system.

Governing Body Edition

The Govering Body Edition provides each member organization (clubs/leagues/districts) with a free sublicense of ITRegistrar to manage all their registration and team building.

This package provides the governing body with a complete member database that manages player, coach, referee, and administrator registration, certification and background checks. Reports and administrative access are multi-level, including governing body, district, league, club, team contact and even individual member.

The end result is a real win-win. Registration information is entered once by the clubs, and governing bodies automatically get the information they require. Clubs receive a complete registration solution that reduces their time by 50%. Governing bodies can report on and communicate directly with their membership, and the information can be accessed from any computer connected to the internet (Windows).

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