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“We have been more than pleased with the ITSportsNet solution to date. We are bringing all our clubs to ITSportsNet so our members may have an on-line registration system, which will in turn talk directly with our registration database.”

Barrie White
Executive Director
Edmonton Interdistrict Youth Soccer Association

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How it Works

ITSportsNet enables amateur sports administrators to manage all aspects of their organization using simple internet-based software. Solutions are available for all popular team sports and all levels of organizational administration.

Solutions for Clubs

  • Manage 100% of your registration and communication from any computer
  • Offer online registration to parents
  • Maintain a professionally designed website with no webskills
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Solutions for Leagues

  • Deliver 100% of your league communications over the web
  • Empower coaches and coordinators to update the standings with online scoring
  • Accept online team and roster registrations
  • Track individual statistics and discipline
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Solutions for Sport Governing Bodies

  • Capture all of your membership information directly from clubs and individuals
  • Enforce registration rules through configurable controls
  • Access real-time membership reports
  • Communicate directly with your membership
  • Deliver new benefits to sponsors
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