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ITSportsNet (ITSN) Support Documents Thursday, May 23, 2019  

ITSportsNet Help and Support Center

Welcome to the ITSportsNet Support Center.

When in doubt of what to do for support, simply send an email to support@itsportsnet.com

In the rest of this section you will find ITSportsNet's Support Service Levels and information on how to get your support issues resolved as quickly as possible. Our goal is to answer help cases within 1 business day. Cases can be entered and solutions can be searched for 24/7, and customer support representatives will be working on cases and providing answers from 9:00-5:00 MST  Monday to Friday.  

Searching for a Solution

On this site, look for the role name and access that you have for the admin system, within the menu options on the left hand side of this page.  Click on that link, and it will bring you to all of the help information that you will need to use the system.

Opening a Case

If your solution search is unsuccessful, submitting a case through the Case Tool is the next step. Your case enters into a queue so a support representative can research the issue to find an answer. Entering a case is the fastest, most effective way to let us know that you need help. We record all cases for tracking purposes and they are evaluated to determine their urgency.

There are two ways that you can log a case:


The Log a Case process records your information in a case format with a system generated reference number. You must provide as many details as possible to help us resolve the issue, including your contact information and daytime phone number.

Once you have created a case, a Client Service Agent will contact you with a solution within 1 business day.  If a solution is not available right away, you will be informed that our development team is working to resolve the situation.

All comments added to cases by the Ivrnet Client Services Agent will also be emailed to you as a courtesy.  If you choose to reply to the email, this will be added to the case comments.

When you are satisfied with the case resolution you can rate the case solution in order to provide our support team with your feedback.


Other Features of the Case Tool

When you sign into www.itsportnet.com/admin/v21 -->Communicate you have a few different options:

  • Create Case - Where you can add a new case to the queue to ask for assistance or let us know about a problem.
  • Active Case - Where you can review existing open cases and add new comments.  You can also ue this feature to rate and close cases that have been resolved.
  • Closed Case - Where you can refer to cases that have already been fixed.

By following the process above, you'll help us, help you, resulting in a great experience for everyone.

Created by: ITSN Support Team -- Last updated:Mar 12, 2019

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