Manager Login Wednesday, February 28, 2024  

Lower Lakes Female Hockey League

Manager Login

If you have not yet received your password to enter the LLFHL scorekeeping system, please go to:


Put in your username (your email address) and click on the "Forgot Password" button to have your password e-mailed to you.

If you recently received a password to access the LLFHL scorekeeping system, in order to view your roster and score games, please go to:


Your UserID is your e-mail address and your password is what was sent to you in the previous e-mail.

Once you enter the system

To View your Roster:

Click on "Register" (top menu)
Click on "Team Roster" (left side)

Once Schedules have been uploaded you will be able to Score Games:
Click on "Compete" (top menu)
Click on "Score Game" (left side)

Note that no games will display to be scored until AFTER the game date/time has passed.

1.  Games that have already been scored can be edited via Score Games by changing Start date to before the game date and then choosing to show All Games. Once you have updated the information, you may need to click on the Calculate Standings button. 

2.  Currently - you only have FORWARD visibility of games up to five days from now and ONLY home games. This is going to be changed in the next few days.

3.  Currently, because you have no visibility of away games, you can't view them to see that they have been input correctly.  VERY SOON this will be corrected and not only will you be able to view how your away games were scored, you will have a check box available to you to verify that everything is correct.

If you experience any difficulty, please send an email which states your name and association to: support@itsportsnet.com

Please do NOT call or email any LLFHL Exec member, as ITSportsNet staff will be able to assist you.

Pickup Players

Pickup players can now be added to the roster so that their goals and assists can be assigned
This can be done at the Update (Home or Visitor) Players List and click Search Guest Player
Their Jersey Number can be entered beside their name and should not be same number as any other Game Jerseys.
Click Save. 

Discipline Codes
Correct Discipline Codes Guide now available.
Note that Managers Cannot record a Bench Penalty in the Score Games process, please review the Rules and Regulations with Discipline Policy Booklet 

ITSportsNet will follow these steps if there are problems:

1.  We will check the list of  Managers who have been registered for this season.  If the person is on our list as having been registered, ITSportsNet will:

test the account
if the account works ITSportsNet will send an updated email with instructions and current password

b)  If the account does not work, we will set it up or troubleshoot the existing account.
- once the account works ITSportsNet will send an updates email with instructions and current password

2. If a person is not on our list of Registered Managers
a)  the person must contact his/her association Registrar or League Liaison 

Game Schedules
If there are questions about Game Schedules
All inquiries should go to:

Game Sheets

Game sheets (labels) have now been updated as follows:

Created by: ITSN -- Last updated:Sep 25, 2010

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