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Select Program - Not available for the 2018 Season


Welcome to our Select Program.  We continue to provide an environment that allows for total player development. Our focus continues to be skill development, fitness and nutrition. We ensure that our future rep players are given all the tools for success within our club.

We are currently looking for coaches, assistant coaches and managers to get involved in starting up our Boys  and Girls Scardeso teams.

Why a Select Program ?

Rep Soccer starts at the age of 10. The transition between house league and Rep is often a difficult for one for young athletes. The Scarborough Blizzard Select program helps to  bridge the gap from a recreational participant, to a serious athlete.

The Select program is aimed at providing young players that have a passion for the game the opportunity to take their game to a higher level than the house league. The program provides advance coaching and Technical understanding in order to improve the player and the team.

Our developing players are exposed to  trained coaches and skill development programs designed to challenge their current abilities. Developing technical skill is only half the solution for young athletes. Providing a practice that more closely resembles competitive practices, and instilling proper work, and play habits, further assist the young player in the transition to the next step in the athletic pyramid.

The program is designed to develop a pool of players with the only restriction being the ability of the players trying out. That pool is trained and practice as a group. Teams are only made when going to tournaments, and based on the number of willing participants. All interested participants will be brought to the tournament.

Following the development guidelines for youth player development set forth by the Scarborough Soccer Association's SCARDESO program we ensure that our young players are exposed to the latest strategies in youth development.

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