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SBYSC Parents Corner

Hello Parents and welcome to the Scarborough Blizzard Youth Soccer Club.  This area is dedicated to both House League and Competitive parents and is meant to educate and provide information to you.

Parents Code:

  • No SMOKING on or any where near the playing field
  • Please notify your coach if your child cannot make a game or practice. ·
  • Please have the players to their games 15 minutes prior to kickoff, as coaches need to plan their line-up and shift changes
  • Please do not coach from the sidelines.  You are a spectator!
  • Always show up at the field as games will be played in the rain. The coach does not have the authority to call off a game, but will email/call you if possible to inform you of any cancellations. Cancellation will also be posted on the Club’s web site, as soon as possible. Games cancelled on account of the weather may be rescheduled, when possible.
  • Spectators must sit on the opposite side of the field from the coaches and players and must not sit behind the goals.
  • Please respect the referees at all times. Referees have the authority to instruct coaches to eject spectators from the game.
  • If parents have any concerns, please first discuss with your coach in a calm manner. If there are still concerns, there are Blizzard Volunteers at the field who the coach will direct you to. You can also email
  • Respect the decisions of the officials with grace
  • Always set a good example
  • Be quicker to praise than to criticize
  • Make participation a positive experience for your child and others
  • Relieve the pressure of competition, not increase it.  Children are adversely affected by the “win at all costs” attitude.
  • Be supportive of all coaches and officials.  The coaches are volunteers, giving up personal time and money to provide recreation, training and guidance for your child.
  • Treat your opponents with respect.  They are necessary friends in any games.  Without them your child could not participate meaningfully.
  • Applaud good plays by both teams.
  • Be aware of your language, foul language is not tolerated!
  • Parents will ensure the safety of their child to and from practices and games. Parents will ensure that their child is never left alone and under no supervision before and after practices and games.
  • Parents will ensure that the coach acknowledge your child being present and under their supervision during practices.
  • Parents will ensure that their child comes to practices and games with their assigned equipment and uniform.
  • Parents will ensure that their child has adequate supply of liquids for practices and games.
  • Parents are responsible for their child well being while not in the supervision of the coach.
  • During the games Parents are spectators and as such will remain on the sideline of the field opposing the coach's bench.

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