Scarborough Blizzard Y.S.C.
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The Scarborough Blizzard Youth Soccer Club adheres to the guidelines of the Ontario and Scarborough Soccer Associations.

The Coaches Code of Conduct at all levels of the game in Ontario shall be:

a) Commitment

A coach's commitment is to improve the performance of the players and the team physically and


A coach needs to provide a high quality soccer program for players within a positive


b) Know Your Subject

A coach must be thoroughly acquainted with FIFA Laws Of The Game and she/he must keep

attuned of the sound principles of Coaching.

c) Respect

A coach must respect all individuals as unique human beings. Opponents and officials must be

treated with respect. Players must be coached to win within the Laws Of The Game.

d) Enthusiasm

A coach must be enthusiastic and positive. A coach must ensure that she/he is generous with

her/his praise when deserved.

e) Personal Conduct

A coach must maintain the high standards of personal conduct and fair play. A coach should

never be involved in any circumstances which is offensive or suggests sexual connotations.


Absolutely no BULLYING of your players
      Respect decisions of officials with grace
      Ensure that all players are treating each other with respect, if you notice a particular player being bullied by another player, speak up and advise the player and the parent of the behavior,
      Help your players to have fun, learn and improve
      Respect all individuals as unique human beings
      Treat opponents and officials with respect
      Maintain the standards of personal conduct and fair play
      Be enthusiastic and positive
      Ensure that you are generous with your praise when de­served
      Be mindful of age and experience when critiquing players
      Be thoroughly acquainted with the Laws of the Game
      Be committed to the improvement of the performance of your players and your team
      Make sure your players are having FUN!

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