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Scarborough Blizzard Youth Soccer Club -  Referees

Each season the Scarborough Blizzard Youth Soccer club welcomes new referees to its program.  Many of the referees are past and current players of this beautiful game that we all love.  Refereeing can be both challenging and fun, but please keep in mind that the referee is someone else's child and so deserves the respect and encouragement of Parents, Players, Relatives and Coaches.

Regardless of the age of the referee he or she has complete jurisdiction over the Laws of the Game to include:

  • The referee will not accept any abuse whatsoever (verbal, threats, gestures etc.)
  • The above to include coaches, assistant coaches, parents and all spectators
  • The Scarborough Blizzard Youth Soccer Club under the SSA and the OSA guidelines strictly adheres to a Zero Tolerance Policy
  • The referee has the complete authority to delay or cancel a game (weather, shortage of players etc.)
  • The referee has complete authority to suspend and/or abandon a game in progress due to an abusive situation

Many of  our referees are the youth of our community and our future leaders.  Some are just learning how to be a good and competent official. Please keep in mind that just like the players, they too are learning the game. Players make mistakes and so will the referees and just like the players, our referees can only learn from these. What they don’t need is constant complaining, catcalling and verbal abuse from all concerned.  We have had referees quit because of the on field and side line abuses.  We all know what happens when a referee doesn’t show up for a game. Everybody is disappointed and upset!

To circumvent and avoid potential problems, all must strictly obey the following rules:

  • BOTH TEAMS’ benches will be on the same side of the field
  • All parents/fans/siblings will be on the opposite side, NO exceptions
  • Coaches and assistants will remain on the bench side of the field only, under NO circumstances will coaching be allowed from the Spectators side
  • Coaches and assistants will not go past the midfield point of their sideline
  • NOBODY, including coaches / parents / spectators will be allowed behind the goals

In addition, coaches will be held accountable for any spectators’ poor behavior. If a referee feels that a spectator is getting out of hand, he/she will stop the game and demand the coaches resolve the situation.  Referees will not talk or answer to spectators. If there is no satisfactory conclusion to any of these types of problems the referee reserves the right to abandon the game and an incident report will be submitted to the Club for further action.

Coaches and assistants may only enter the field of play during the game with the referee’s permission. This mainly applies to an injured player. Coaches and assistants must respect decisions made by the referee during play. If you need to confirm or check something with the referee please do so after the game with respect.

It is the coaches and NOT the referee’s responsibility to insure the correct amount of players are on the field. However, the referee can assist by demanding that:

  • Substitutions are only done at the midfield sideline
  • Players coming onto the field may only enter when exiting players have left


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