GAMES are capped at 5 goals.
Fair Play Rule:
After one team is ahead in score by 5 goals, the winning team must remove a player from the field.
After each goal scored by the winning team, a player is removed, to the minimum required for the game to continue (which is 5 players in mini mites, 6 in Squirts, 7 in Mosquito and 9 in PeeWee & Elite divisions). A team can never play less than the minimum.
If the losing teams scores a goal and there is no longer a 5 goal lead, then the winning team can place a player back on the field.
These rules do not apply during the Blizzard Cup Playoffs.
Cool Down Rule:
After a caution (yellow card) is issued, the player must leave the field of play for a 5 minute cool down period. This player can be substituted and his/her team does not play short.

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