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Weather Guidelines for the Club
We have been getting a number of calls regarding if the games are on or not due to the amount of rainfall this season. 

Here are our guidelines for all coaches and parents:
The simple answer is YES, we do play soccer if it rains. 

Unless there is LIGHTNING, a very HEAVY DOWNPOUR, or OTHER EXTREME Weather Conditions that make it unfit, then we do play.

Conditions on the field may change quickly.  We always advise parents to stay at the field in case it is cancelled at the field due to changes in weather.

You need to make sure that your child is dressed for the weather, they can wear long sleeve clothing or waterproof clothing underneath their club issued uniform. 

The Referees or club official may call off the game if the field is unplayable or dangerous conditions exist. This would only be done at the field, not in advance, and is at the discretion of the referee and club official.
Thank you.

Scarborough Blizzard Board of Directors

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