Inclement Weather and Cancellation of Games


Be on time for all your games and Practices!  Players should arrive at least 15 minutes prior to game time.

Please note, our season of soccer operates on a relatively inflexible schedule due to the number of teams within our club and the limited number of fields available.

All House League games will be played!

Only the REFEREE is able to cancel/delay a game.  This decision will be made at the field.

In the case of inclement weather, Scarborough Blizzard’s website, Twitter,  Facebook, and phone system will be used to indicate field conditions, game status, and other weather related information.

Please check the website often!

  • We strongly encourage parents and players to check the website up to 30 minutes prior to coming to the fields for games.


  • If there is no notice on the main page, then games are on as scheduled. Please show up at the field.


  • Soccer will be cancelled if the City of Toronto closes the fields due to weather/wet conditions.


  • In the event that games are cancelled, a notice will be placed on the Blizzard Twitter page, Facebook, phone system and website.  An email will be sent out if possible to all parents and players.  Coaches will typically contact their players as well if possible.

Referees have been instructed that if they see lightning or hear thunder, they are to get everybody which includes, players, coaches, parents and others off the field.

  • The referees will wait 15 minutes after the first sign of thunder/lightning if appropriate, and if it does not re-occur, they will resume the game. 
  • Please note, due to the Glen Ravine fields not having cover, referees will cancel games if there is no safe coverage.
  • If there is lack of time or if it is too dark, they will end the game.

 We cannot guarantee that all matches that are rained out or cancelled will be rescheduled.

***See Parents Corner*** for more information


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