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Registering Players


  1. Registering Players to OWHA
  2. My player has reached their limit for registrations for the season?
  3. DS Team Player Alert
  4. Alert Notice on Player Profiles

  5. A player is switching teams, how do i do this?
  6. Error Message - player has a pending registration with another association


 Registering Players to OWHA


In order to ensure data integrity of the membership database there are a number of items that you will need to contact the OWHA directly to have done. 


Most registration and policy questions should be directed to the OWHA by calling (905) 282-9980, emailing registrar@owha.on.ca or visiting their website www.owha.on.ca


Q: How do we add someone new to have access to the ITSN database for our club?


A:  An OWHA Association Registrar cannot register other Association Registrars, and ITSportsNet cannot do that for them either.  Only the         OWHA can register OWHA Association Registrars.  There are 2 reasons for this: OWHA has a ‘screening process’ whereby they don’t give ‘just anyone’ access to their database, even at an Association level.

o The OWHA wishes to update their own non-ITSN records with the name of the new Association Registrar


Q: How do we merge 2 ID’s in the system for the same player?


A: You will need to contact OWHA at registrar@owha.on.ca to have any players merged.


Q: A member does not remember what email address they are signed up with, how do I find this information?


A: Go to Register> View/Manage Member> and enter in the first few letters of their last name.  Click “Search”.  Find the name of the member, and click “Select”.  Look at the top of the page and click on details.  Near the bottom, you will see “Email Address”…this is the email address that is in the system.  You can let them member know, and they can go to your club website, and click on “forgot password” and it will be emailed to them.


Q: How do I Transfer a player to my club?


A: The Association who is receiving the new player logs into the Admin area and follows these instructions…

Click on ‘Register’ (top menu)

Click ‘View Manage ‘Member’ (left side menu)



Enter the First Name, Last Name and Birthday of the player you wish transferred to your association.  Then click the ‘Search All’ button


Notes on step 3 above:  

- Having to know the birth date of a player prevents an admin from ‘trolling around’ the OWHA database searching for players for poaching reasons, etc.

- The difference between the Search and Search All buttons is that Search searches the local database (i.e. the association’s own data) and a Search All searches the entire OWHA database.

Click the ‘Transfer’ button beside the person’s name (on the Search Results listing)

Click the ‘Submit Request’ button.


This will submit a request for transfer to the OWHA.  Once the OWHA approves the transfer you will receive e-mail notification that the player has ‘arrived’ in your database.


Q: How do I register a Team Statistician?


Before registering anyone to any role, he/she must exist in your association's local database. To see if the person is in your database already:


1. Log into the Admin Area

2. Click on 'Register' (top menu)

3. Click on View Manage 'Member' (left side menu)

4. Type in the person's last name (first few letters of the last name is enough) and click the Search button. If the search results find the person in your database, carry on with registering him/her as a Team Statistician (instructions below).

5. If the person is not in your local database, put in the birth date (if known). If not known, and you are searching for an adult, try 1950-01-01 and click the 'Search All' button. If the search result lists the person you are looking for, click the 'Transfer' link beside his/her name, and submit a transfer request. You will have to wait for the OWHA to approve this transfer before proceeding.

6. If the person is still not found (after Search and Search All), click on the 'Add New' link (dark blue font) and add the person to your database.


To register a member in the role of team statistician:


1. Log into the Admin Area 

2. Click, 'Register' (top menu)

3. Click 'Team Roster' (left side menu)

4. Click 'Show Roster'

5. From the Team Roster Official list, Click 'Add New Official' (dark blue font)

6. Search for the person’s name you will be designating as team statistician using the Search box

7. Once you find the Team Statistician’s name, click the “Sel” check box to the left of his/her record and choose “Team Statistician” from the Role Name drop-down box

8. Click the “Assign Selected Officials” button– this will add him/her to the roster but WILL NOT add this member to the list of players/team officials that will be on the Insurance invoice.


Q: How do change a team classification from one category to another after registration (from Atom A to Atom BB)?


A:  From Register, Submit ITR, select the team, click on REQUEST UPDATE, make the change and SAVE then Submit for Approval.    

              Category may be updated until October 1st – after this date, a request for re-categorization form must be submitted.  


Q: What is the difference between a Member Note and a Registration Note?


A:  A member note stays with the player for the duration of their years registered with OWHA.  A Registration Note is a note that will stay with the member for that current season only and will disappear once that season is over.


My player has reached their limit for registrations for the season?


How do I fix this?


You can edit the player's registration by going to their Member Summary page and clicking Edit next to their registration and entering in the new category.  


Or they can refund the original invoice which will un-register the category registration and have the player go online and re-register to the correct category



DS Team Player Alert



"In order to remove this player from this House League team, you must first remove them from their DS team." 


A player cannot be removed from a HL team and still be registered to a DS team. If they are removed from the HL, they must also be removed from the DS team. 


This is a policy set by the OWHA - if you have additional questions, please reach out to them directly at registrar@owha.on.ca



Alert Notice on Player Profiles



Association Registrars will now see an area for an alert on the profile of their players:





Once the alert is added, it will be displayed at the top of the page:



Alerts can be managed under Setup - Setup Alerts.


 A player is switching teams, how do I do this?


To switch a player from one team to another, or from one category to another, please remove that player and then add them to the correct team.  This is done via Register - Team Roster.


You should not change the roles or teams from Register - view/manage member.  As this will cause issue with OWHA.


 Error Message - Pending Registration with another Association


Please take a look at the error message - the "Pending Registration in: 14779" tells you which club (league id 14779) that this member has an open registration.....

14779 = ( a club can check what their league id is from the top right hand corner of the screen when logged into the admin area)  If the league id is not your club, it will belong to another club that this member has registered to within the current season.
If this is your league id:
The club can then go to Register - POS (point of sale) search for the player then the parent with the invoice attached to their profile will show up - click on the parent.
From there - within the family profile - you will see what invoices are "pending" that have an OWHA category attached to it.
In this case - Juliana is already registered to Midget House - just payment is not applied to her invoice.
Either remove the invoice and register her manually or apply the payment - to register this player with the invoice attached.
If this was not your league id:
If this was a registration / invoice that was with another club, you can connect with that Club Association Registrar and ask them to remove the invoice which will then remove the pending registration.
If you are not sure, you can ask OWHA which club it is or submit a ticket to sports@ivrnet.com


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