Parents & Members Registering to Sport Clubs using ITSN or ITSportsNet ONLNE REGISTRATION


*If you are having issues, your first point of contact it the Club you are trying to register to - they can assist you best!


  1. Password Reset using original online registration members area

  2. My login and password does not work for me

  3. Mandatory Password Reset - I forgot my password



I forgot my password OR I want to change/update my password

Please go to the Online Registration page (Members Area) for your club and click Forgot Password





Enter in your Email Address, First Name and Last Name, as it should appear in your profile




You will then receive the message - please check your email for the link to reset/change your password




The email that you should receive, would look similar to the image below.  (check your junk email if you do not receive it within a few minutes)

Please click on that BLUE LINK and it will open up a new window in your web browser, to the screen below.




Please enter in your new password.




Note - it must be at least 8 characters in length or the system will ask you to change your password to meet these simple requirements.



Once your new password has been accepted (after you click CHANGE PASSWORD, you can then close the window in your browser, and go back to your Clubs Registration page and log into the system.  As per the notes indicated, if you still have questions, please connect with your Club Administrator directly, as they will be the ones who can update a name change, spelling of a name, etc.  Thank you.



My login and password does not work for me


If you are a parent and you have connected with your club and they tell you that your login and password does work, and that they have tested it, please try some of the suggestions below, to get it working for you...

1 - Please use Google Chrome, as the registration system works best using this browser

2 - Open your browser and go to settings and remove all history, cookies and cache....this will remove all old data saved on your computer that could be causing you these issues.

3 - Use a computer instead of your phone or tablet - this will ensure that you are entering the login and password correctly.  Remember, the password is case sensitive, as well, you can not have any extra spaces in the fields, as it will not work.

If you are still experiencing issues, please provide a screen shot and submit your issue to your club for review.

Mandatory Password Reset - I forgot my password


Go to your login page and click FORGOT PASSWORD

we do not provide the "Login Link" as the link is different for everyone as it is based on the club that you are registering to/are a member of.

If you can go to your club's website and look for the REGISTRATION link or Launch Members Area button - it will bring you to a page that will look similar to this one (screenshot below)  Where you can click FORGOT PASSWORD....then enter your first and last name and email address.  You will then receive an email with a password reset link. We no longer send passwords via email.




 it will ask your for your first name, last name and email address

You can then reset your password from the new link emailed to you.


If this does not work for you, if you are a member of a club/organization, please contact the club directly and they can check to see what email address, and spelling of your name is listed in the system.



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