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  Thursday, May 13, 2021  
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General Information on ITSN


  1. Where is the LOGIN page for ITSN V2.1?
  2.  Update Member Login as a Club Administrator
  3. I have my email and password and I still can't log in
  4.  ITSN System is not working - I can't get in.
  5. Exporting Blank Reports - The Solution

  6. Export Information from ITSN
  7. Access Denied Error Message




Where is the LOGIN page for ITSN V2.1?

Please click on the link below to get to the admin ITSN V2.1  login page:


This link is used for all Individual and Team Sports using ITSportsNET.

Your username is your email address

Your password - if you do not remember, go to the link above and click Forgot Password and the system will automatically send one to you shortly.


 Update Member Login as a Club Administrator

If you are a CLUB ADMINISTRATOR or CLUB REGISTRAR and you need to update a Member's Login email address


To update a member's login email address go to Register->View/Manage Member-> search by last  name.  Click "Select" beside that member's name.  There are two locations in order to update the email address for the member:

  • At the top of the page - "MEMBER LOGIN" - click here and enter in the new email address and click "SAVE" - this email address is used for their login to regsiter to programs
  • At the top of the page - "DETAILS" - click here and there should be a "field" for email address - this email address is used for communication to the member




I have my email and password and I still can't log in

Please check the following:

1 - Are you on the correct login screen? 

 Are you logging in to register to a program?  Are you on your club's website - online registration - member page

Are you logging in as an administrator?  Are you on the correct admin login page? 

2 - You may have to delete your "cache" and "cookies" within your browser.

What browser are you using?


If you are using Google Chrome - please look on the top right hand corner of your screen and click on the three lines icon and choose "history" from the drop down menu option




From this screen, click "Clear Browsing Data" (highlighted in yellow)




From this screen, click "Clear Browsing Data" (do not check off Passwords, as this will remove all saved passwords that you currently have)



Once you have completed this task, please go back to the login page and try logging in again.  Your username and password should work.

If it does not work this time, either try another browser, or a ticket will have to be sent to the Ivrnet Tier 2 Support Team for further investigation into your issue.

 ITSN System is not working - I can't get in.

As an administrator, if you are unable to log into the ITSN V2.1 admin area, or you are receiving error messages - please try the following items before submitting a ticket to our team:

1 - Please go to your browser, and clear all of your cookies, cache and history - this will remove anything that could be causing your issue.

2 - Completely shutdown your browser - click the "x" in the top right hand corner.

3 - Restart your computer

4 - After restarting your computer, open up GOOGLE CHROME (this is the recommended browser) and then click this link to log into the system


5 - If you still can not get into the system - please check this page - for Ivrnet System Alerts to see if we are currently experiencing outages for any services hosted by Ivrnet.


6 - If you are still having issues, please submit a ticket to help@ivrnet.com and provide a full computer screenshot of your issue.  This will assist our team to figure out what your issue is.


When you export a report from ITSN V2.1, when you go to open it, it comes up blank or does not work (error message).


Please follow the instructions below, and this should resolve your issue - and your report will then open.

Exporting Blank Reports - The Solution


Navigate to your desktop to the file that has been downloaded.

Right-click on the document and select the option for “Properties”.  


A new window will appear:


Click on the button for Unblock, then click OK

Return to the document on the desktop and double-click to open the file as per usual.

You may be presented with the following window, please click Yes to proceed.



That’s it!




What information should I export from ITSN to save for archiving purposes


For clubs using the offline and online club management:

1) What would be the best reports to use to capture any financial information?

Clubs have the reports that they current use - as there are many -- 

One recommendation - Report - Online Registration - and any report selected below




Another report that I would recommend is to export your registrations for the each of the seasons - Reports _ Member Reports - Registration Report



And the last area - Report - Financial Reports - and a few reports listed below



2) Is there a way to export and save invoices

Please go to the following report - click on the Completed invoices, Completed Paid Invoices - Select ALL INVOICES - and then scroll to the bottom of the page and choose the OPTION - PRINT SELECTED INVOICES USING ADOBE ACROBAT - save the file to their computer.

Do this process for each season that they used the system.


Go to Reports - Financial Reports - Registration New Payment Report - click on the blue number as shown below





 Access Denied Error Message


Did you see a white page with Access denied?


If yes - you most likely have another tab open that is not letting you sign in.


Please clear your history, cookies and cache in your browser and then shut down your browsers - restarting your computer will confirm to close out all hidden tabs that are open.


Then try to log back in - you should not have any issues.


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