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  Thursday, May 13, 2021  
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Team Sports Online Registration Setup Instructions


How to Setup Your Online Registration for Team Sports

Set Fees and Caps - What is Caps?

Team Sport Online Registration Instructions (standard members area)

 In OLR, How do I setup my limits to my registration (registration caps)





How to Setup Your Online Registration for Team Sports    (soccer, hockey, football, lacrosse, etc.)


NOTE: If you offer programs for players over the age of 18, YOU MUST setup an Adult Registration separate from your Youth Registration


Once you have begun this process, you will want to have at least 2 weeks between your set up start time and the go live date for registration.

To begin, you must first select all of the categories you will require for the upcoming season.

Go to Setup->Select Categories

- Please make sure that all of your “age categories” have been selected for your upcoming season registration. 

- If you need new categories, click on “Setup Categories”


If you do not have the option to setup categories, please contact our ITSN Support Team (Communicate-Create IT Case) with the “Club Based Categories” that you wish to setup. Please include the name of the category and the age range for that category. 


Next, before you go to Setup-OLR Setup, to start the Online Registration Wizard, gather your Information that you will need first.

The information you will need is as follows and may come from any paper form that you presently use.

Registration Start and End Dates...Age Ranges, Fees, Waivers and agreements required for the parent or player to sign- in a test format that you can copy and paste.  Your organizations refund and withdrawal policy...again in a text format.

Any messages you would like the parents to receive in their payment email


Now you are ready to start setting up your Online Registration

Go to Setup>Online Setup to run the Online Registration setup tool and the associated wizard to prepare for your Online Registration your upcoming season.

1. Click on 'Setup' (top menu)
2. Click on 'Online Reg Setup' (left side menu, near the bottom of the menu list)
3. Scroll down and click the 'Continue' button – (this is where you would have found this HELP document)
4. Click the 'Create a new registration' radio button. Or if you are returning from a previous year, you can clone your registration, by clicking on “Reuse an existing Registration”  follow these steps to choose which registration you would like to “overwrite” and use for your upcoming season.
5. Continue on through the wizard, answering questions about your Online Registration Setup.


NOTE:  When going through the wizard, make sure you choose YOUTH REGISTRATION and/or ADULT REGISTRATION as your type of registration to setup – DO NOT choose class registration (youth) or class registration (adult)

The questions come up one by one and as you answer them, the next one appears.  The answers to the questions become the outline of your on-line registration. 

- You can choose either Youth or Adult Registration. (Adult Registration is for programs 18 years of age and older)

- Choose the season, add the email contact information that you want associated so that your members can contact the correct people

- Assign the start and end dates, choose the payment options, decide if a minimum payment is available to your clients, otherwise leave this item blank.

- You can choose your categories from ones that are eligible from the governing body and assign fees to those categories.

- Next you decide if the members will see only the categories that the players can play in, or those categories and above..or all categories. To keep things simple for your members, select age eligible categories only

- Since volunteering plays such a large part in sports, you can use this next part to decide if you will recruit volunteers through this registration, if you do, there is an option to assign a fee or a credit to the volunteer role so that you can charge people for not volunteering or give a credit to the invoice for those that do; however, you don’t have to assign a fee.

- Once you have answered all of the questions, click the Create button...you will get a message, click the continue button and you will see the screen to continue your new registration and you will then you can be able to edit the FORM pages.


Review Your On Line Registration The first screen you see when you’ve completed the questions shows the status in test mode which will stay that way until you have finished your testing. 

To continue, choose the Main Menu.

You can confirm the season and the category options as well as confirm the Email addresses you entered and you can edit them here if necessary. 

Remember to click save if you make any changes. 

The next link you should choose is Registrations List. 
You will want to choose the Registration you have just created by clicking Edit

Note that the Status will currently show as Attn Mode or Attn Token...these mean that the either the payment token is required ( to be inserted by the ITSN team) or that the registration is still in test mode and can be removed from test mode once you have done your testing..again by the ITSN support team. 

This brings you back to Basic Settings and you can now choose to review the rest of the items you have entered. 

Have a look and make sure that your categories match up with your current season’s requirements. 
If you find that you need categories that aren’t available through your governing body then you will need to add this information to the list that you will use to have the ITSN Customer Support representative add a “club based category” if your governing body allows it.

This list can be submitted to support via the self-service help area by going to Communicate>Create a Case

Set Fees and Caps Double check to make sure that your fees are entered correctly.  Cap = The maximum number of player spots available.  If you require more than one type of fee for any or all categories...for instance Atom Tryouts or Novice Skating Camp you can simply click on the (NewFee) link and then fill in all the details. Always click save to keep your work. 


When setting up the options for discounts or volunteer credits, be sure to place a positive value in either area. The system will handle the calculations for you. 

Edit Forms
This is where you add all of the text for your members to review and what information you want to gather from them.

Click the “Edit Forms” and it will give you a line of different “pages” to click and customize for your club

Enter your waiver information here.  This includes all of the information that you want parents to see when they first sign in.  It usually begins with a welcome message and continues with information that you need to share with the club.  ie refund policies, age ranges, agreements. Click Save to save your work. 

Parent Info

(edit) click on this button to make your changes to the text that already appears to customize your messages

Collection of Information :  You can choose additional fields by clicking on “Choose Fields”.  An example of a field is “Cell Phone”

Required Information:  You can add an “*” to your fields for all information that members must enter before continuing with their registration.  Click on Set Required Fields and make your adjustments by using the arrows

Change Field Order: Highlight the field name and then click up or down buttons to put the fields in your order of preference

Add New Field: Create your own customized fields by adding the additional information that you want to collect from members.


Save your work.


Volunteer Form
A place for your Volunteer Sign-up and you can edit the text by clicking on the Edit link.

The field options are the same as in the description for field options as noted in the Parent form.

Also note the Edit/Add Volunteer roles link on the left. This is where you can update your list of volunteer roles as well as the fees or credits associated with them.


Child (Player) Information The Child Info page is similar to the Parent Info page and all the options are the same.  However, this is where you can collect additional information on the child – such as who they want to play with on a team, etc.


Registration Page
On the Child (Player) Registration page there is usually very little in the way of extra fields required, however the ability to edit the text here may be key.

This is a place that you can add a table to remind parents which age ranges and dollar ranges they can expect to choose from. This also may be a place to tell parents that they should choose their particular child’s exact age range and if they want to play up a level there will be a formal process (ie a tryout) to make that decision.

Payment Options
You can see on the payment screen if you have chosen both online and offline payments there are two places to edit. If you only choose one payment type, you will only see one or the other.

If you want to edit the online or offline payment notes to include a club oriented message ( ie a reminder about the refund policy and any final notes that you need them to see, these links are the place to edit those notes.

Please note that your online payment notes should be edited to include the name of your centre, club or organization as they may be referenced on the credit card statement.

Again this is a great place to repeat a welcome to the organization and say See you at the Rink!

Save your work.

Test Check List Test your registration to make sure that you are happy with how it will appear to your members

- While in the Online Reg setup area, click the 'Registration Testing' link.

- Click the 'Create Family' link (top left one is fine).

- Click the '[Set Email]' link which will appear. Enter your e-mail in the text box as prompted and then click the Save button.

- Click the '[Email Test Link]'.

A test link will be sent to your email. Test the online registration process with your designated Test Family using this link.

After testing, go back to your Registration Setup to make any changes that you need to make. If you are happy with everything, continue to Go Live.

Go Live (Make your On Line Registration available to your members)

- Please ensure that all of the items on the test check list have been checked off

- While in the Online Reg Setup area, click the 'Registrations List' link (blue font, left side), then click 'Edit' beside your registration name.

- Click the 'Test Check List' link (blue font, left side)

- Scroll down and click the word 'CLICK'. This will send us a Case, requesting that we look over your online reg setup, and set it to live. We will at that time, go over with you your start and end dates, and provide you with the link that your membership will require to begin Online Registration.

- If you host your website with another provider, our support team will provide a link for you to add to your website to attached your On Line Registration

- You will now be able to begin accepting registrations.


Set Fees and Caps - What is Caps?


In the Online Registration Process - there is an option to Set Fees and Caps

Set Fees - these are your mandatory fees for each category that your player is registering to.

Set Caps - this is how many players that your club has room for, in the upcoming season.


What happens when your registrations reach this CAP?

  • No one will be able to register to that particular category - it will state that it is currently full in bright RED letters.
  • You can add a NEW category (identified as Waitlist) and a new fee type in the amount of $0 (or with an amount, depending on what your club would like to do).
  • You will then be able to collect additional players who are interested to play and are willing to be added to the waitlist.

Team Sport Online Registration Instructions (standard members area)


The link to REGISTER ONLINE - can be found on each CLUB'S website...the member must look for REGISTER ONLINE link


1. Once the parent/guardian has access to the system, they must login. Their Club Administrator will provide them with the appropriate link.



2. Once the parent has logged in, from the left column, the parent must click “REGISTRATION” and then chose the Registration they wish to register for. The program name will be descriptive as more than one option may appear. If no options appear, this means that the Club does not have any registrations live. NOTE: These registrations are setup by the Club Administrators.



3. Once the registration has been selected, the parent must click “Create New Registration”


4. Registration Process

A. The parent must acknowledge the “Email Consent and Usage” clause and also “Accept” the waiver.


B. The parent must enter their parent information.

C. The parent must enter their child’s information.

D. The parent must then complete “Child Registration”. Only eligible categories will populate based on the child’s gender and date of birth.

E. If the parent is ready, they must then navigate to “MAKE PAYMENT” and complete their payment information.

NOTE: The Club will determine to offer ONLINE payment only, OFFLINE payment only, or BOTH options for ONLINE and OFFLINE payments. Some Clubs have elected to offer the Online Interac option. If so, this will appear as an option at the “MAKE PAYMENT” screen.

The member will receive an email with a copy of their invoice and registration confirmation once payment has been made.  If the member chooses OFFLINE PAYMENT, they will receive confirmation to take with them to the club to make the payment in person, or as per the instructions provide to them by their club.



In Online Registration - how to I setup my limits to my registration (Registration Caps)


Option #1 - FEE TYPE CAP


This option is for when clubs have multiple fee types for one category.  

Example - Bantam House Goalie - Set Fee type - $100 and then Bantam House Player - Set Fee Type - $400


It would look like this in the Online Registration Setup - 





Option #2 - CATEGORY CAP



You would use the category cap for all other scenerios - unless you have unlimited spaces, then you would just leave each field under CAP to be UNLIMITED

To use the Category Cap - set your spaces for each category as shown below, using the similar example as above.  The Category Cap will include ALL registrations/invoices that are created in the Online Registration system as well as the Point of Sale system that the admin can use for manually entered registrations (or in person registrations).


Example - if the cap is set to 100 for the category in the online registration setup and 30 registrations were done through POS and 70 done through OLR then the cap will be reached.  No one else would be able to register online.  





HOWEVER - the Association Registrar can continue to register users through the POS system and override and exceed the cap that is set in the Online Registration setup.


Verify how many are registered 


To check to see how many spots are left for each category, Go to the Registration Report. This can be found under - Report _ Member Report _ Registration Report




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