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Class Management


  1. I deleted an invoice but it did not delete the member from the class.
  2. An exclude date still appears on our class list - how do we fix this?
  3. Waitlists Management
  4. To make sure your Membership Category is attached to all classes
  5. How to Setup My Programs
  6. How to Setup My Classes
  7. Setting up Your Class Schedule for Each Session
  8. Setting up Additional Fees
  9. How do I transfer a member from one class to another?
  10. How do I update the description for my class?


Online Registration


  1. How to Setup Your Online Registration for Individual Sports
  2. How do I shutdown my Online Registration
  3. How do I add a linkwihtin the waiver page in the Online Registration Process


I deleted an invoice but it did not delete the member from the class.

In order to remove this member from the class, please follow the steps below:

If the Class is setup as a Regular Class, 

Go to Register - Classes 
Find your class and then click Select

Scroll down to the Class List and the Remove button should appear beside the member's name.

Click remove.

If this Class is setup as Register to Each Occurrence, you have to go into each Class Occurrence to remove her from the list.

Go to Register - Classes 
Find your class and then click Select
Click on Class Occurances
Click Select beside the day of the class she is registered to
The remove button will appear and you can remove her from the class list.

Do this for each class the member appears in.


An exclude date still appears on our class list - how do we fix this?

If you added your exclude date AFTER you have already scheduled your classes in a session, you must follow the instructions below and remove this date from each class.  All exclude dates must be entered before scheduling.

Go to Setup Session and click schedule beside the session you need to fix this for.

Then at the top of the page, click Weekly Schedule - this will bring you to a session schedule calendar.

Find the date that you wish to remove from the schedule.


Click the class name in the calendar.

You will now see the screen EDIT CLASS OCCURRENCE.

Click Delete this Occurrence.

This will remove this class from that date, and remove it from your class list.

Do this for all classes that appear on an incorrect page.


Waitlists Management

If a class is full, any participants that are added will be placed on a wait list. Their status will be indicated on the class participant list as 'wait list'. The wait listed participants will be shown in the order they were added to the class. If one or more spots becomes available, an action of '[Register]' will show next to the wait listed participants. You click on the 'Register' action next to the participant that is to be moved off the wait list. This can be repeated until the class is full again. Automatic email notifications are sent when participants are moved from the wait list to a registered status.


If the participant was added to the wait list via Online Registration or Point of Sale, the Clubs will be able to set their own option for how they will handle collection of fees when an athlete is on a wait list for a class. The default is now set to defer collection until the athlete is off the wait list. If they want to collect, then refund if the athlete does not get in, then they can change the option. Under 'Setup==>Club Information', there is a link to 'Club Options'. On that page they can alter the option.

If the club will collect then refund, everything behaves as normal. If they choose to defer fee collection until the participant gets into the class, we will handle things in the following way:

When the participant is put onto the wait list, the invoice item will show a fee of $0.00. In addition, no applicable GO registration fee will be added. If there are multiple items on the invoice (some that get into classes, some that get wait listed), payment can be made for those items where fees have been applied. If the only item(s) on the invoice are wait list items with no fees, the balance owing on the invoice will be zero.

Once a participant is taken off the wait list using the procedure described above, a check is made to determine if there are any outstanding fees to be applied. In the case where the wait listed item is the only one on an invoice and therefore the invoice is still open, the real fee is applied and the invoice may now be paid. In the case where the wait listed item was part of an invoice contain multiple items which have been paid for, a new invoice will be created with the item for the class fees. In either case, any applicable GO membership fee will be added.


Other Notes:


  • The administrator will need to go to the POS process and apply the payment for the participant on their invoice.


To make sure your Membership Category is attached to all classes


This would be to ensure that you are registering your athletes to your provincial governing body.

Go to Setup - Sessions - Schedule

And look under the Reg Cat column - all classes should have Recreational Artistic Athlete showing up on each line. Triple check this.

If the category is attached to each class correctly- then go to Setup-Setup Fees

Click on the Category Column - once it is sorted alphabetically, check to make sure that you only have ONE category per FEE.  If you have more than one category setup with a fee, fix this - this is what is probably causing your error.

If the category is NOT attached to each class correctly - then go to Setup - Select Categories

Click on Search All, and select all categories that apply for your club.  Click Save.

Then go back to Setup - Sessions - Schedule

and attach the correct categories into each class and click save.

Then go to Setup Fees to make sure you only have one fee per category setup correctly.



How to Setup My Programs

Setup - Setup Programs

Click on Setup->Setup Programs (left side menu)

This process is used to setup the different types of programs that your organization offers.  When you members go to register (online) or when you want to register members using the POS (point of sale), this will simplify the class offering.

                Some examples are as follows 

  • KinderGym
  • Parent n Tot
  • Girls Recreational
  • Boys Recreational
  • Interclub
  • Boys Competitive
  • Girls Competitive
  • Beginner Trampoline
  • Advance Trampoline
  • Summer Camps
  • Summer Classes


How to Setup My Classes

Click on Setup->Setup Classes (left side menu)

This process is used in conjunction with the Setup Programs you will create your class schedule after you ADD NEW classes to your list.  This is your MASTER LIST of classes, do not duplicate any classes here

If you have not created your programs, use the Setup Programs process to create them. Use this process to create your classes. You may set class information, minimum and maximum sizes, as well as fees.  (This information can be modified at a later time, in Step 5 to suit each individual class once a schedule is created.)  

 Classes may also specify a registration category. If this is done, then the system will check to see if participants are also registered to the specified category. If not, then a registration item is automatically created for that category and added to the Member's invoice.

 Click Add New to add a class to the system.  (note - this is not the schedule)

 Fill in the blanks for the new class – you do not specify a date or time in this area, that is done in the setup sessions.  This is where you enter the name of the class – such as Kindergym (it could be the same name as your program name)  

 The description of the class that you add here, transfers over to your OLR to what your members see.  You must complete this area before you create your schedule.

 A few notes:

  • Duration of your class is calculated in minutes…so a 1.5 hour class would be 90 minutes
  • Participants attend – this option is where you choose if the class attends once, weekly, multiple times a week, weekdays, daily.
  •  This is where you also enter in the fee for the class, as well as a pro-rated fee per class, so if they register 2 weeks after the class has started, the system will deduct this amount from the class fee. 
  • The min/max attendance levels are also added here.

Click Save.


Setting up Your Class Schedule for Each Session

It is now time to build your schedule.  This schedule will include all class times and locations for each session.  Some examples are: Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer Camps, Summer Classes, HOliday Camps, PD Days, Birthday Parties, Competitive Program, Interclub Program, etc.

TIP:   If you are logged into the Beta Login – the system will automatically enter the “number of weeks” for your session based on the dates that you have entered.  This way, if you know your session is 15 weeks, but the system calculates 16 weeks, double check your start and end dates.

Click on Setup->Setup Sessions

Click Add New to add a new Session/Schedule

 Example: Fall 2013;  Winter 2014; Competitive 2013-2014; etc

*This is what the link will be for when your members register online…as well, it will also appear in the reports, to find your different sessions.  It is important to include the year, as part of your session, so that you can find it easier within the reports area.

 This process is used in conjunction with the Setup Programs and Setup Classes to create a class schedule.

Sessions consist of a number of classes scheduled over a time period.

Enter the Session Dates - the Sunday on/before your classes start and the end date is the Saturday on/after your last day of classes in the session. 

Enter the Registration Dates - this will open your session for registration to the Point of Sale (POS) to create an invoice.  If your club allows invoices to be created and modified up until the end of the session, please make sure your end date is the same as the last day of your classes (or arount that time).  NOTE:  If you do not see your session as an option when you go to create an invoice in POS, your Registration End Date has probably passed. You can modify this date at any time.

Enter the start and end times - this will allow you to schedule classes with that time period and not outside of the times.  If you enter 9 am to 9 pm, the system will not allow you to schedule a class at 8 am for that session.

Enter you AS OF Age Range for your Club - this will allow you to set how old the child has to be for the class, before they can attend.  If you do not see this option, please go to Setup - Club Information, Club Options...and choose Enter Date Range by Club at the bottom of the Club Options that are available.

Click Save

If you have not created your programs and classes, go back to Step 4 to Setup Programs and Setup Classes process to create them.


 If you need to exclude any dates from the schedule, use the [Excl-Dates] to remove the holidays or facility closure dates from the schedule.  

This MUST be done before clicking on Schedule to add all of the classes.

Choose your Session (Fall 2013) and click "SCHEDULE" beside it.

Click "ADD NEW" and choose the Program and Class that you would like to schedule first.  The system will auto-populate the class information and at the bottom you will see the option to add your Start Date and End Date for that class, as well as the option to select the day and time of the week the class should be scheduled at.

Click Save. 

To add the exact class at another time and date, just change the time and date and click add.  Do this step until all of those classes are scheduled.  

To choose a new program and class, just select from the top the program name and class name, and follow the same process to add them to the schedule.

Click "BACK" and it will bring you to the scheduled listing of all of your classes.

 Note:  When Adding Classes to a Schedule, selecting a Program Name from the drop down will auto populate the majority of the fields based on what was entered into the “class” parameters. If you need to edit a feature for any session class simply override the field box once the class is scheduled.

 When you are done, you will have your complete class schedule for the session period.

 Some Notes:

Per class Fee for ProRating - used for organizations that allow members to sign up after the session has begun, Members will only be charged a per class fee based on how many weeks remain in the session.



Setting up Additional Fees

Setting up Additional Fees

Examples:  Membership Fees, bodysuit, fundraising fee, building fee, administration fees, etc.

Click on Setup->Setup Fees (left side menu)

 This is where you create Fees that are IN ADDITION to the class fee.   Class fees are setup in Setup Classes

Add New Fees for each category – do not add duplicate fees for a single category.   Also, it is recommended to setup a generic fee for the category that can be used for each session.   (do not use group name such as Fall 2013)

Some examples are:

Provincial Governing Body Membership Fee ------ attach Artistic Recreational Athlete category ---- $31.00

Fundraising Fee…..$40 annual fee ---- do not attach a category to this fee

Gymsuit Fee…….$20 annual fee ---- do not attach a category to this fee


Some clubs may want to include an Administrative Fee with the Membership Fee and attach it to the category.  When a fee is attached to the category, that member will only pay that fee once a year - based on the fiscal year that is setup.

You are now ready to generate invoices in the Point of Sale (POS) system.


How do I transfer a member from one class to another?

How do I transfer a member from one class to another without changing the invoice?

The quickest way to transfer a member is to follow these instructions:

Go to Register - Classes

Find the session and the class that you wish to transfer a member

Under the Class Listing, look for the member you wish to transfer

Click on the TRANSFER button, and a new screen will appear

Choose the class that you wish to transfer the member to

Click Save.

The member will be transferred but the invoice on the invoice will NOT be updated. It will contain the information that the member originally registered to.


How do I update the description for my class?

In this system, you must update the description of your classes BEFORE you schedule the class for your upcoming session.

If you update after you have scheduled the class, it will not update previously scheduled classes but only NEW scheduled classes.

To update your class description

Go to Setup -Setup Classes

Click EDIT beside the class name

Then update your description and click save.

Now, you can schedule your class into your session and the NEW description will show up online.

Already scheduled the class?

If you have already scheduled the class and you have no registrations attached to it, delete the class from the schedule, update the class description and then schedule it back into your session.

Already have registrations attached to the class?

You can update the class description, then schedule a new class into the session.

Then transfer the members from the old class to the new class

Then delete the old class.



How to Setup Your Online Registration for Individual Sports  (gymnastics, skating, swimming, soccer academy, etc.)


This process uses the ITSN Class Registration Product


NOTE: If you offer programs for players over the age of 18, YOU MUST setup an Class Registration (Adult) separate from your Class Registration (Youth).


Before you log in to start the Online Registration Wizard, gather your Information


The information you will need is as follows and may come from any paper form that you presently use.

Registration Start and End Dates...Age Ranges, Fees, Waivers and agreements required for the parent or player to sign- in a test format that you can copy and paste. Your organizations refund and withdrawal policy...again in a text format.

 Any messages you would like the parents to receive in their payment email


Now you are ready to start setting up your Online Registration


From this page, you have already seen the option to find these instructions.  They are open in another window, so you can now just click the 'Continue' button.

Click the 'Create a new registration' radio button. Or if you are returning from a previous year, you can clone your registration by clicking “reuse an existing registration”.

 Continue on through the wizard, answering questions about your Online Registration Setup.


NOTE: When going through the wizard, make sure you choose CLASS REGISTRATION (YOUTH) or CLASS REGISTRATION (ADULT REGISTRATION) as your type of registration to setup –


The questions come up one by one and as you answer them, the next one appears. The answers to the questions become the outline of your on-line registration. 


- You can choose either Youth or Adult Class Registration. (Adult Class Registration is for programs 18 years of age and older)

- Choose the season, add the email contact information that you want associated so that your members can contact the correct people,

- Assign the start and end dates, choose the payment options, decide if a minimum payment is available to your clients

- Since volunteering plays such a large part in sports, you can use this next part to decide if you will recruit volunteers through this registration, if you do, there is an option to assign a fee or a credit to the volunteer role so that you can charge people for not volunteering or give a credit to the invoice for those that do; however, you don’t have to assign a fee. If this option does not appear, you can create a case to support to add a volunteer page

- Once you have answered all of the questions, click the Create button...you will get a message, click the continue button and you will see the screen to continue your new registration and you will then you can be able to edit the FORM pages.


NOTE – please ignore the following two items – Setup Categories and Setup Fees and Caps – as these relate to TEAM registration and not Individual Sports, just click continue.


Review Your On Line Registration The first screen you see when you’ve completed the questions shows the status in test mode which will stay that way until you have finished your testing. 

To continue, choose the Main Menu.

 You can confirm the season, and the category options as well as confirm the Email addresses you entered and you can edit them here if necessary. 

Remember to click save if you make any changes. 

The next link you should choose is Registrations List. 
 You will want to choose the Registration you have just created by clicking Edit


Note that the Status will currently show as Attn Mode or Attn Token...these mean that the either the payment token is required ( to be inserted by the ITSN team) or that the registration is still in test mode and can be removed from test mode once you have done your testing..again by the ITSN support team.

This brings you back to Basic Settings and you can now choose to review the rest of the items you have entered. 

Set Fees and Caps
Ignore – this is for team sports registration



When setting up the options for discounts or volunteer credits, be sure to place a positive value in either area. The system will handle the calculations for you. Always choose “class registration” discounts as any event or category registration discount will give the discount on the Governing Body fee collected rather than the class.

Edit Forms
 This is where you add all of the text for your members to review and what information you want to gather from them.

Click the “Edit Forms” and it will give you a line of different “pages” to click and customize for your club

Enter your waiver information here. This includes all of the information that you want parents to see when they first sign in. It usually begins with a welcome message and continues with information that you need to share with the club. ie refund policies, age ranges, agreements. Click Save to save your work. 

Parent Info

(edit) click on this button to make your changes to the text that already appears to customize your messages

Collection of Information : You can choose additional fields by clicking on “Choose Fields”. An example of a field is “Cell Phone”

Required Information: You can add an “*” to your fields for all information that members must enter before continuing with their registration. Click on Set Required Fields and make your adjustments by using the arrows

Change Field Order: Highlight the field name and then click up or down buttons to put the fields in your order of preference

Add New Field: Create your own customized fields by adding the additional information that you want to collect from members.


Save your work.


Volunteer Form
 A place for your Volunteer Sign-up and you can edit the text by clicking on the Edit link.

The field options are the same as in the description for field options as noted in the Parent form.

Also note the Edit/Add Volunteer roles link on the left. This is where you can update your list of volunteer roles as well as the fees or credits associated with them.


Child (Player) Information The Child Info page is similar to the Parent Info page and all the options are the same. However, this is where you can collect additional information on the child – such as who they want to play with on a team, etc.


Registration Page
 On the Child (Player) Registration page there is usually very little in the way of extra fields required, however the ability to edit the text here may be key.

This is a place that you can add a table to remind parents which programs based on age and dollar ranges they can expect to choose from.

Payment Options
You can see on the payment screen if you have chosen both online and offline payments there are two places to edit. If you only choose one payment type, you will only see one or the other.

If you want to edit the online or offline payment notes to include a club oriented message ( ie a reminder about the refund policy and any final notes that you need them to see, these links are the place to edit those notes.

Please note that your online payment notes should be edited to include the name of your centre, club or organization as they may be referenced on the credit card statement.

 Again this is a great place to repeat a welcome to the organization and say See you at the Gym!


Save your work.


Test Check List Test your registration to make sure that you are happy with how it will appear to your members.


- While in the Online Reg setup area, click the 'Registration Testing' link.

- Click the 'Create Family' link (top left one is fine).

- Click the '[Set Email]' link which will appear. Enter your e-mail in the text box as prompted and then click the Save button.

- Click the '[Email Test Link]'.

A test link will be sent to your email. Test the online registration process with your designated Test Family using this link.

 After testing, go back to your Registration Setup to make any changes that you need to make. If you are happy with everything, continue to Go Live.

Go Live (Make your On Line Registration available to your members)

- Please ensure that all of the items on the test check list have been checked off

- While in the Online Reg Setup area, click the 'Registrations List' link (blue font, left side), then click 'Edit' beside your registration name.

- Click the 'Test Check List' link (blue font, left side)

- Scroll down and click the word 'CLICK'. This will send us a Case, requesting that we look over your online reg setup, and set it to live. We will at that time, go over with you your start and end dates, and provide you with the link that your membership will require to begin Online Registration.

- If you host your website with another provider, our support team will provide a link for you to add to your website to attached your On Line Registration

- You will now be able to begin accepting registrations.

How do I shut down my Online Registration?

To shut down your Online Registration - you do not have to remove the link to the Members Area.

Log into ITSN V2.1 and go to Setup->OLR Setup

Click Continue

Click Edit Existing Registration

Click Registration Listing

Click EDIT beside the Online Registration Form you wish to turn off

Change the Registration End Date to yesterday's date.

This link will no longer be available to your members to register to.

The reason why you do not want to remove the link from the website, is so that your members can log back into the system and look or print their invoices, if needed.

How do I add a link within the waiver page in the Online Registration process?

You can use HTML to add the link to the waiver.  

example: <a href="http://www.websitedomian.com/schedule" target="_blank">Click to View Our Schedule!</a>

Having the target="_blank" will ensure that the link opens in a new tab/browser so it doesn't take them out of the Members Area.



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