BARRIE Women Hockey Association
Welcome to The Barrie Women's Hockey Association Thursday, May 13, 2021  
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Championship Day is here!
All games will be played at Allandale Rec Center
Blue Rink:
830am Peewee 9th vs 8th -  Barrie Yellow  vs  Barrie Maroon
940am Novice 2nd vs 1st -  Barrie Yellow   vs  Barrie Pink
Atom 6th vs 5th -  Orillia  vs  Midland
12pm Atom 2nd vs 1st -  Barrie Pink  vs  Barrie Blue
Peewee 6th vs 5th -
 Clearview  vs  Barrie Blue
220pm Peewee 2nd vs 1st -
 Barrie Purple  vs  Midland
330pm Bantam 8th vs 7th -  Clearview  vs  Midland White
440pm Bantam 4th vs 3rd -  Orillia  vs  Barrie Yellow
550pm Bantam 2nd vs 1st -  Barrie Orange  vs  Barrie Grey
7pm Midget 6th vs 5th -  Clearview 1  vs  Barrie Grey
810pm Midget 2nd vs 1st -
 Barrie Blue  vs  Barrie Green
Red Rink:
9am Novice 6th vs 5th -
 Orillia   vs   Midland
Novice 4th vs 3rd -  Barrie Purple   vs  Barrie Blue
1120am Atom 4th vs 3rd -  Barrie Gold  vs  Barrie Purple
1230pm Peewee 7th vs winner of 830am -  Barrie Red  vs  winner of 830am
140pm Peewee 4th vs 3rd -  Orillia  vs  Barrie Green
250pm Fundamental  
4pm Bantam 6th vs 5th -  Barrie Maroon  vs  Midland Blue
510pm Midget 10th vs 9th -  Midland  vs  Barrie Purple
620pm Midget 8th vs 7th -  Barrie Maroon  vs  Clearview 2
730pm Midget 4th vs 3rd -  Orillia  vs  Barrie White



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