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Welcome to Timmins Porcupine Minor Soccer Website Saturday, August 19, 2017  
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 1) How many games will my child play in a week ? What Age ?

A: All recreational players will play 2 games per week, between Mondays and Thursdays, no weekend gamesWe accept ages 3 to 17.

New Division:  U3 Mini Kickers ( ages 2 & 3 ) Will play one game per week 4:30-5:30, must provide shin guards and soccer cleats (if u cannot find soccer cleats please make sure they have a good pair of running shoes with a rugged sole for traction)

2) Do I have to buy a uniform ?

A: NO -Complete uniform for all players (shirt/short/socks) is provided.  Uniforms will be the property of the players at the end of the season and will not be required to be returned. 

3) What other equipment would be required ?

A:  You need to provide: SHINPADS & SOCCER CLEATS.  All players are required to wear SHINPADS, SOCCER CLEATED SHOES, their TEAM UNIFORM (SHIRT/SHORT/SOCKS) at each scheduled game & practice.  No caps / eye glasses / earrings / necklaces / bracelets / watches / rings are to be worn by any of our soccer players.  Some exceptions may apply for eye glasses.

4) When will I get a call from a coach ?

A: You should get a call from a coach 1 week before the start of the season unless there is a shortage of coaches which happens often.  Season starts on May 22.

5) What is a Meet & Greet" ?    usually the day after the May run long weekend

A:   At your meet & greet you will receive your team schedule and uniform and you will need to fill out an emergency form and provide the players Health Card # and contact information.

6)  How long is the outdoor season ?

A:   Our season usually runs from the day after May long weekend to second saturday of August.

7) What if my child requires eye glasses/hat to play?

A: These items are not permitted to be worn on a soccer field as per the rules and regulations of FIFA, CSA and OSA. The club will make an exception to the rules and allow the following items on the soccer field pending a physician's note:

A brimmed hat: if a hat is deemed necessary, then it will have to be button-less and without a plastic claps.

Eye glasses: must be a full flexible frame combined with lenses with lenses made from polycarbonated material and a strap to prevent them from falling off.  Sports glasses/goggles are accepted and highly recommended.

For further clarification please contact the office.

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