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ACHA Annual Meeting 2005

ACHA Annual Meeting

In conjunction with the

AHCA Coaches' Convention
Naples, Florida

2005 ACHA Annual Meeting 
April 23-24, 2005

2005 AHCA Coaches' Convention
April 20-24, 2005

Coaches: Please make plans to join us at these important meetings in 2006! 

2006 ACHA Annual Meeting 
April 29-30, 2006

2006 AHCA Coaches' Convention
April 26-30, 2006

General Session

Saturday's General Session brings all four ACHA divisions together to discuss issues affecting the entire association.

List of Attendees

Women’s Division Breakout Highlights


Sunday's meetings are breakout sessions for each division.


Please e-mail any questions or corrections of the minutes to Erin Russ (, so they can be corrected before approval at the next Annual Meeting.

General Issues

·        Jim Henry is the new Women’s Division VP [MORE].

·        The ACHA Referee-in-Chief, Shane Hanlon is available to help teams and leagues address concerns with officials. Shane has a wide variety of materials that help educate officials and is developing an ACHA Officials Certification program. Contact Shane at, and check out the ACHA web site for more information.

·        North Dakota State University will be joining the ACHA next season and is looking for games. Will travel, reciprocation appreciated! Contact Brian Wilkie:, phone 701.240.5728.

·        Financial penalties have been instituted for teams who are late with paperwork (without an extension) or whose membership has been suspended.


Player Eligibility Issues

·        The “five year clock” has been removed from the player eligibility standards.

·        For two-year schools, players deemed a “Senior” by their school follow the same eligibility rules as Seniors at 4-year schools.

·        Credits earned in “J-term” will not be eligible to supplement fall semester GPA or credit deficits.


Game Issues

·        Game contracts are highly recommended, but not required, for all teams. The Women’s Division web site will post a sample for teams to use if they do not already have their own.

·        All Women’s Division games will require a five-minute overtime if the game is tied after regulation. An exception can only be made if the exception is noted in a written game contract signed by both teams.


Ranking Issues

·        The final ranking of the season will be published 22 days before the National Championship begins.

·        A PairWise Ranking (PWR) system will be utilized to assist the ranking committee, and the system will also have one “vote” on the committee. The Women’s Division will follow the NCAA D-III version of the PWR system.


Nationals Issues

·        Lindenwood University will host the 2006 National Championship on March 9-12, 2006, in Wentzville, Missouri.

·        UMASS-Amherst will host the 2007 National Championship on March 8-11, 2007 in Amherst, Massachusetts.

·        Starting in the 2006-07 season, teams shall only be eligible in the national tournament on or after the second consecutive year of membership.

·        Teams will indicate their ability to attend nationals by January 20. Official invitations will still be issued the day of the final ranking.

·        The National Tournament format will be very similar to the 2005 format, with the following changes: Play will begin Thursday morning (instead of evening), with the quarterfinal round will played on Friday evening. Teams will be re-seeded for the semifinal round. This format has been set for the 2006 and 2007 seasons.

Created by: Erin Russ -- Last updated:May 31, 2005