Ontario Women's Hockey  Association
2019-2020 OWHA Friday, December 1, 2023  

Team Statisticians:

To enter the Game Report (Form A) or Provincial Playdown Results:

1) log into ITSporsNet/Ivrnet from www.owha.on,ca

2) select Compete > Score Game

3) select Add New Game > select Game Report/Playdown in the Division drop down 

4) add the new game and once the game has been scored, the stats will be updated automatically


Team statisticians are unable to edit the teams that are selected after creating the game, however, you can edit the date, time and location only if you are the home team.  Otherwise, you will need to delete the game and re-create it.  There is no time limit to delete the game as long as it has not been scored.


If you have any questions, please contact the OWHA Registrar at registrar@owha.on.ca.

Thank you.

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